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Team One and AIO Robotics  Receive Platinum in 2016 Modern Library Awards from Library Works  Link to the Awards

Atlanta, 12/11/2015 – Team One, a leading supplier of advanced technology products to libraries and schools is pleased to announce it has received a platinum award for the Zeus 3D printer in LibraryWorks’ second annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs.) The MLAs were created to recognize the top products in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. Products were submitted in the fall using a simple application, and then were posted on a private site with an enhanced description and attendant materials. These products were batched into small groups and sent to the LibraryWorks database of more than 80,000 librarians at public, K-12, academic, and special libraries. Only customers with experience with these products in their facilities were permitted to judge the products, resulting in a truly unbiased score.
Each judge scored the product on a numeric basis from 1-10 on a series of questions regarding functionality, value, customer service, etc.
Art Kohl, Team One CFO stated “The Zeus leads the way for the next generation of 3D printers. Yesterday it was the MakerBot, tomorrow it’s the Zeus!”
The Zeus is the World’s first All in One multifunction 3D printer, released in January, 2015, and it has been distributed in numerous of libraries globally. Its preeminent features are:
 Plug and Play, easy to use, and no special software.
 The Zeus can Copy, Print, Scan and Fax.
 Built in Processor ( no computer required)
Jenny Newman, publisher and MLA program manager said, “It’s hardly a surprise that Team One/AIO Robotics scored so well. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since their company entered the 3D printer market in 2014”
For more information about Team One and its products, please visit call (678) 985-0772 or email us at
About Team One Team One has been in business since 2001 and we define our success by one measure; achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We provide our library and academic based customers with solid, trust based, cost effective technology products and service solutions that positively impact their continued success. Team One: "Your One Source for Products and Service Solutions!"
About LibraryWorks
LibraryWorks helps administrators to make informed decisions about library technology, automation and software, collection development and management, facilities and furnishings, staffing, purchasing, and other areas that drive effective strategic planning and day-to-day operations. Our family of resources can enable you to identify best practices, monitor trends, evaluate new products and services, apply for grants and funding, post or find a job, and even enjoy some library humor.
About the Modern Library Awards program
Modern Library Awards (MLAs), a product-review program designed to recognize elite products in the market which can help library management personnel enhance the quality-of-experience for the library user and increase the performance of their library systems.

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