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MEI PPM Advance Programmer

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MEI PPM Advance Programmer

from 252.35

MEI PPM Advance (portable programming module) gives you complete control of your games, regardless if you are an equipment manufacturer or a major operator. It provides enhanced features that you can configure and control to meet your unique support needs. The next generation, which features a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM Advance a more powerful tool—further lowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products. Benefits for you as an original equipment manufacturer:
■ Minimize inventory by profiling standard units
■ Fast downloads for an “in-line” manufacturing process
Benefits for you as an operator:
■ Fast and easy updates in your MEI field base for
❯ currency data
❯ configuration data
❯ software
■ Monitor performance of your MEI units*
■ Advance functionality with Bluetooth capability



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