The Smart Cord and Smart Cord Plus

The Smart Cord and Smart Cord Plus

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Need a Power Protection Device with a Small Footprint?

For power protection applications that require an ergonomic device due to space constraints, the Smart Cord is a versatile device that can meet the needs of the most demanding layouts. The Smart Cord is an electronic power conditioner that is engineered to provide reliable power protection in a small footprint and has the capability to fit into virtually any tight space. The Smart Cord is an ideal fit to provide power protection for point of sale systems, office automation equipment, computer/IT equipment, and security systems. Utilizing power protection on microprocessor based equipment eliminates power issues that cause disruption, degradation, and destruction to electronic components and is a necessary step to safeguard equipment purchased. Power protection maintain or improve productivity and ensure system reliability that will lead to a lower total cost of ownership and greater return on investment.

 About the Smart Cord

The Smart Cord is an ergonomic computer grade filter that is ideal for environments where a power conditioner is required but space is limited. The Smart Cord is an electronic power conditioner equipped with “smart ground” technology which eliminates ground loop current in networked systems. The Smart Cord is the ideal choice to protect products such as receipt printers, thin clients, monitors, drive thru timers and more. 

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