Team One Repair Inc.

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Team One Repair, Inc is a product and service solution provider of printers, point of sale systems, digital signage,drones, projectors, monitors, power protection devices, bill acceptors, spare parts ,consumables.

We Service what we supply!


Four very innovative product videos from AIO Robotics, AiresTech, Boxlight, HP and OKI!

HP RP7: The next generation of Point of Sale Systems

OKI Wide Format Printers: OKI has added wide format printers to their product line.

The Mighty Zeus 3D Printer:  This is the worlds first All-In-One 3D printer by AIO Robotics 

The Boxlight ProColor InterAct Panel:  The ProColor panelreshapes the traditional meeting or presentation into an interactive collaboration of ideas and vision. This video will leave you grasping for adjectives.

AiresTech: Protection from Electro-Magnetic Radiation Pollution!