MetroVac ED-500-ESD

MetroVac ED-500-ESD

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BRAND NEW!        

This is the ESD version of the 120VAC DataVac Electric Duster.  Now the famous DataVac ED-500 duster is available in an  ESD/ElectroStatic Discharge safe version. The DataVac Duster is more effective and economical than "Canned Air" . Safer and costs less than 5 cans of air! Be Green and save money too! All Black on Black steel body is built to last. Blows clean DRY air filtered air - safe for all computer and electronic equipment. Contains no dangerous propellants. Includes One (1) 120VAC 500 Watt Blower W/Grounded 3 Conductor Cord, Black/Black body, Black Anti-Static, ESD Safe attachments. Attachments include:  One (1) Crevice Tool,  One (1)Dust Brush, Four (4) piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kit and One (1) Grounded Wrist Strap. 


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